What is the most natural household cleaning product ?

White clay stone

Created by Marc DUVAL in 1999, The White Clay Stone is the most natural household cleaning product. It is made in France by Bio-Sorélia.

This year has already been 23 years that the firm Bio-Sorélia has worked for ecology and the conservation of the planet.

Narural household cleanning product

Do you know that the white clay stone is 100 % natural and scented with essential oils ?

This natural household cleaning product presents no presents no danger whatsoever to the environment and has not been tested on animals.

There is not a more cost-effective or more ecological all-purpose cleaning product than the clay stone.

Its use is very easy, you simply use the sponge included in the pot. For that, you wet the sponge and squeeze it out before applying it to the stone to take some of the product.

As a matter of fact if the sponge is soaked, the product will be diluted and will lose a great part of its efficiency.

Then rub the surfaces you wish to clean and rinse with clear water.

You can use a microfiber cloth to finish wiping like you would on a glass ceramic or induction stove top.

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