The white clay stone is very economical natural housekeeping cleaning product

Delivered with its special sponge, just pass this damp sponge on the surface of the white clay stone to take some product.

Then you will have to rub the surfaces to be cleaned and then rinse them with water.

White clay stone is very hard and it is impossible to take much of this ecological product.

In general a box of 500 gr more or less a year. This is the average time observed with our Customer(s).

It is the most economical and environmentally friendly natural maintenance product.

It is also a very ecological product because 100% natural.

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The White Claystone (natural household cleaning product) is efficient, for which reasons ?

The natural white claystone is efficient, it’s possesses numerous qualities especially for housekeeping . It is a high-adherence cleaner. This is what makes it so efficient in fighting cooking and non cooking grease, limescale  etc….

It is used in the kitchen and bathroom, and because it is a multi surface product, it is ideal for everything : homes, camping-cars, caravans, boats, garden furniture …

White clay stone
Natural household cleaning product

The white claystone : the ideal multi surface product !

It has a great number of uses since it is for multiple surfaces. It is suitable for glass surfaces, tiles, aluminum, oven top burners, vitroceramic and induction surfaces …

The clay stone is a very efficient and long-lasting product  since you use very small amounts of the product each time.

You wet the sponge contained in the pot, you wring it out and you wipe it on the clay stone and then on the surface you wish to clean and then rinse.

A product made from 100% natural ingredients

It is also a natural product. Made with 100% natural ingredients , the clay stone presents no danger whatsoever to the environment and has not been tested on animals.

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